Staying on the forgiveness train …

… tune in and sense into what is required of you to forgive, what is your forgiveness block, and what can help you reach forgiveness. Choose one, two, or three and let’s go!

If you want to go deeper, check out my forgiveness with the oracle (class in link below). The focus will be on identifying blocks and moving through forgiveness with the Ho’oponopono (awesome tool if you don’t know it). 7/28/18, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm at Silver Lining in STL.

4 thoughts on “Staying on the forgiveness train …”

  1. The message was so clear for me this week!
    A cat followed me home today. I took a zig-zag route to see if it was really following me and sure enough, she came the whole way home and straight through my front door. She has spent the past three hours cleaning herself and purring while I pet her and just generally making herself feel welcome. I knew she was bringing some sort of message from the universe with her so I just watched your Angel message to see if I could put any words to this message. My mind starting wandering halfway through the video but at about 4:00 the video paused and I had to press play to get it started again. That’s when you suggested contemplating the nature of “our” relationship and what was agreed upon between us coming into this life and how we will learn from each other. I know this is meant to be my cat and I’m excited to see what adventures we will bring each other! It feels like she came at just the right time to remind me to stay grounded and remember to slow down & just be.

    1. WOW!!!! This is such a cool unwinding! Thank you for sharing this Stephany! SO very cool. I love hearing how this helped in a way that was completely random! Please keep me posted on the happenings of the cat! So fun!

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