Have you been feeling the moment?!

Last week, I shared a gift with you; 30 days to acceptance and forgiveness (link below)..

My husband and I did it together, and I have continued to do it on my own. THE EXPANSION THAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING IS UNEXPLAINABLE.

I feel it in every cell; i sense compassion where I haven’t been able to in years, I literally shed tears of joy thinking about what I appreciate, and I had blessings this past week that affirmed the movement.

I received texts and messages; “I didn’t know I needed this, and I can’t stop writing,” another said, “Wow when I first sat down to do this I never imagined what would come up.,” and one of my fave messages … “I am writing to say thank you. You have no idea the impact you have had in my life. I am listening to the recording as often as I can, when I get overwhelmed with the challenges the universe Chooses to send my way. I think that the universe feels I’m stronger than I really am!! Listening to your voice and singing along allows me to recenter myself. From the bottom of my heart.”

So even if you may think you don’t need it, humor me. Shoot … humor YOU. Try and see what happens. And start out with the message below …



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