Angel Message Monday: Prepare to take some action this week!


It is a week of allowing the energy to build and taking action on the First Quarter Moon, on Thursday the 10th.

If you are a moon flower, keep in mind the Moon will be Void of Course after 10:43 AM CST until just past 1:30 AM the next day. So while Thursday does provide an action-oriented morning, the majority of the day may call for some downtime.


May the Angel Message Monday help for the week help!

AND if you want to dive deeper into moon cycle and lunar living, you can still join Moon Cycle Restart, watch the class, and EVERY DAY this month I am sending out daily rituals you can join. Check it out here and watch your body and energy levels shfit.




2 thoughts on “Angel Message Monday: Prepare to take some action this week!”

  1. Thank you I had an intuitive hit that ALL three were important for me to listen to today and I love when things like that happen with the extra journal prompt jumping out and the double pull for "where does your mind go when you’re bored". SO helpful for me right now. Thanks again <3

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