Angel Message Monday: A week to be curious, take action, and then observe!


Tune into the nudges and whispers around you. Even the thoughts. Then take action.

After that – accept the outcome and take HUGE leaps forward to align with YOU! To embody you.

Start out by being curious – listen to today’s message and see what comes up for you.

From there ask yourself … WHAT ACTION AM I INSPIRED TO TAKE? Come Wednesday when the First Quarter Moon is upon us, take that action!

Not sure what to act on? Here is something! I would love for you to take action and join my husband Mario and me for the Embodied Empath Experience.

While it doesn’t begin until next week, pre-work is available NOW!

There is some actionable work there for you! AND iT’S HELPFUL!

There is going to be a HUGE opportunity next week on the Full Moon in Aries to align with our life mission. THAT is what we want to support.

MORE ACTION? If you want to unlock more for a higher vibing life, join me for Intuition Tuesday or ask a question for Wondering Wednesday inside The Frequency Key Facebook Group.




2 thoughts on “Angel Message Monday: A week to be curious, take action, and then observe!”

  1. Shannon Sullivan

    Gina! I picked 2 -and I really love this reading!!! I am doing some manifesting and clearing out lately..it feels so good to hear this message of support for abundance and security(which is huge for me being a single mom)! And when you dropped the deck, my screen also went black and then came back…with the message of success!!! so awesome!
    Thank you dear one🌸❤️

    1. Oh, thank you for sharing!!! This is a wonderful affirmation. I love you so and am always hold and sending pure light to you. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you. Please keep me posted!!!! May this next Aries full moon bring you I AM SUCCESS! XO

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