6 thoughts on “Do you need to Feng Shui for career? Let’s find out!”

  1. Hi Gina,
    I do have 2 staircases in my Home. The first being at our front door and the second is in the back left off of our kitchen in our home. I did pick # 3 in your readings this morning.
    Not sure what the Feng Shui meaning is.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Liz! You have some tricky stairs, BUT none in sector 3 (middle left) it sounds. In order to remedy what you do have, I would really need to see it to make a 100% accurate assessment. What I can recommend checking is to make sure the door does not open on to / is in alignment with the stairs, and if so, remedy that (perhaps a faceted crystal)! XO

  2. Marissa Macayan

    This was a really timely lesson! I realized we had some large palm fronds from our wedding in the love and partnership corner of our home, which were beautiful when they were fresh.. but now their dead. I can’t be having dead foliage in that sector! Just chucked them in the compost bin. I’m actually going to be putting our Christmas tree in that corner, but it’s synthetic.. eek! How can I counter that energy? (Google said fake plants are just dust collectors in Feng Shui)

    1. Oooooo how fascinating! Now the way I Feng Shui, I do it according to personal elements. So I can’t say for sure for you and your home, but in general, this is not super placement so I am glad you moved it! To add … google is not super reliable when it comes to Feng Shui. In my experience it is very personal. Having said that, I do agree on this one thing; I am not a fan of fake anything and especially plants. The Christmas tree is an issue every year in our house!!! LOL Aim to put it in places where "wood" element is beneficial. Back left corner, back center, center left from the front door!

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