Angel Message Monday with FENG SHUI SPICE!

It’s Angel Message Monday, with a lot going on.

Firstly … check out my new FENG SHUI FRIENDLY office addition! 

It’s supportive energy to have a bookshelf behind you as you work. 

Well my supportive and loving hubby, whipped this built up in behind my desk in a weekend!! I want to express HUGE gratitude and appreciation to him for this …


Angel Message Monday: Feng Shui, Tarot, Angels, Spiritual Growth


What else is going on ….

1) Our Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio may just be influencing us to delve deeper into feelings, emotions, and relationships. Just say no to in authentic, surface levelness.

2) I really believe our hearts and homes are connected (quite literally). I hope today’s message will help you!

3) FENG SHUI IN FIVE is coming up at 1 PM CST on Thursday. I am going to give you five Feng Shui hacks, to apply in five days, each taking you only FIVE minutes to complete. 

Then we are going to have a super fun jam-packed, giveaway FIVE follow up days in The Frequency Key Facebook group where I will be doing the hacks right along with you, and giving away fun freebies that will help you to complete them!

As always, if you want to unlock more for a higher vibing life, join me for InTUition TUesday. Tomorrow it is happening at 10 AM CST in The Frequency Key Facebook Group!



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