Feeling a little insecure or uneasy? This is for you today!


When I am feeling insecure or uneasy about the future, I think back to a time when I might have felt similar, and I remind myself just how okay and everything was!

Pictured here is a time in my life like that for me ..


My life was by no means bad. It was actually good and I enjoyed it.

I was a flight attendant traveling wherever whenever I wanted, making great connections, and had a side gig that I loved.

I was oftentimes doing Angel Card Readings in the galleys, connecting with people’s subtle energy fields on layovers, and on my time off I was creating and doing readings.

But that side gig was nagging at me, waking me up at night, and calling to me in my waking dreams. I knew that it could be more.

That I could be more.

But I was so uneasy about it. I worried about the how instead of focusing on what.

I was insecure and uneasy about it and just wasn’t sure how it could all work out.

So when I get like that at times, I call her back to remind me that I don’t have to worry about how. This part of me reminds me that it will all work out just as it did then.

Why am I going on about this?!

Yesterday was the first quarter moon where we start to build action around our goal and intention, even if we don’t know the how.

Knowing the what is enough!

Today finds us in a waxing gibbous phase where we can start to take ACTION toward that what!

Except … this particular energy may have us feeling all the feels … including a bit of insecurity.


Instead of giving in to the insecurities, listen to them thank them, then think of an earlier time in your life where you felt similar and notice how much it all worked out!

AND today’s Angel Message Monday below is sure to help you!

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