Weekly Reading: An Angel Message Monday Devoted to Harmony

Welcome to February!

As of 5:26 am, we have a Waning Gibbous Moon (in Libra).

AND we are officially in Mercury Retrograde (don’t fret, it can be a BEAUTIFUL period)!

What it breaks down to this week energetically is ….

  • Take extra care of your kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks

  • Let go of any need to be right

  • Get rid of what is causing an imbalance

  • Let go of clothes and items that you don’t feel the beauty of

  • Remove ALL that is causing discord

  • Let go of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is not aligned with your truth

  • Pay close attention to contracts before signing

There is the breakdown for you!

If you are interested in diving deeper into the moon cycles by the way, and really come into harmony with what it offers, join me 2/12 on the Lunar New Year for Moon Cycle Restart!

Join me for this intimate workshop and kick off the Lunar New Year by setting fresh goals, and aligning with the natural rhythms.

You will complete with a strong outline and a plan for 2021.

And tomorrow, join me inside The Frequency Key Facebook group with the lovely Rebekah Lowe for a deep dive and card pulls on letting go!

Have a happy week! XO



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