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You. Want. More. 

And you can have it! If you want more out of life, are not able to pinpoint why things aren’t flowing, experience draining energy or burnt out, aren’t 100% satisfied, and want to optimize health, relationships, and ABUNDANCE, I am thrilled you are here.


Energy Codes® Coaching


You were born with a clear energy field and with the highest potential to live a full and abundant life.

Then you came into relationships and situations where stories were developed. That vital energy source at the core of your being, most likely became polluted with stories.

Stories that are causing fear, anxiety, confusion, questioning, a sense of loss, or not belonging.

But underneath it all there is still that powerful, vital source of energy in your body. It is your birthright to access it again.

Think about what is bothering you right now, and find it in your body. Lean into the feeling center in your body. Notice where that situation or event shows up in your body.

It has been said many times before, if you can feel it you can heal it. If you can feel the emotions and situations (whether it is anger, frustration, anxiety, or something else) you can and will heal it.

That is why you found this page.

The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices from Dr. Sue Morter, that you can use in your daily experience to tap into your authentic self and realize deeper states of awareness.

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Energy Codes® Coaching