Here is one way you can cozy up to Source this week …

No matter where you are, CREATE this week! It will bring you closer to Source; paint, draw, write, sing, dance, CREATE and move some energy.

Now on with the messages … choose what calls to you; a heart, the color pink, or a water drop! Then watch the video and see what message awaits you this week.

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2 thoughts on “Here is one way you can cozy up to Source this week …”

  1. Gina,
    Thanks for the great messages and guidance you gave in this week’s video. I view every one and learn so much.
    This message was filled with so much affirmation of things that I have been doing and, in particular, the things I have recently created. My craft area is located in the center of my home as you mention, so that’s a creation/Feng Shui tie-in. I recently swept the entryways of our home, and I used a pattern I liked to create (sew) a really cute blouse. I am in the midst of making two necklaces that contain a single pearl. Where do we find pearls? In the water-your water drop message. Oh, I just cleaned my stove top this morning!! Lastly, my outfits today and yesterday had something pink in them like a blouse and a sweater. See what I mean? Affirmations all over the place:) Thanks for delivering the angelic message that the things I am doing are good and the best for me right where I am. Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you Julie for the sweet message. The more you are "in it" the more they come! Pretty cool stuff. I will be holding you in big love sister. XO

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