Let’s tune into your current top block ….

According to Chinese metaphysics (and no I am not Chinese, but my background in Feng Shui is linked to Chinese culture), destiny is determined on three types of luck or as I would call them, pieces of the pie!

Earth (physical), Human (mindset and choices), and Heaven (souls purpose). Mind, body, Spirit … it’s a thing, and it looks like this ….


Cosmic Trinity - Gina Nicole


Marry that with the fact that our minds processes thousands of information a second via the subconscious mind. All play into one another, determining your FREQUENCY and how you manifest.

My goal is to help you understand which area is one and see what message awaits … and I always love to learn how it resonates!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s tune into your current top block ….”

  1. Peggy Lindsey

    Hi Gina! I chose #3, and it was spot on! I am focusing on better care for my body for the new year! Diet, exercise, rest, movement, etc. And it was interesting how it has home in the message. Even though we’ve only been here 6 months, I feel it isn’t the right place, long term. So, I have been longing to be somewhere else. This message is telling me to embrace where I am at the moment, and when the timing is right for a change, it will present itself! Thank you always! I wish you many beautiful blessings for the holidays! ❤️

    1. I chose it too and in the video I even said I probably would! HA!! Always embracing where you are first will help to keep on keeping on!!!! The small appreciations encourage the movement! XO Thank you for this share beauty! XO

  2. I chose #3. I am taking tomorrow to set my intention for the new year and work on my branding (values, purpose) for my coming health coaching business.
    Of course all 3 spoke to me but #3 definitely is where I am currently! Thanks Gina!

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