Maybe you will see something I don’t in these images ….


This weekend I was inspired to CREATE!

When we can transform chaos to creation, we are able to stay in a higher frequency.

While I am not a professional artist, I want to share with you my creations.

Maybe you see something I don’t? Choose one, it holds a message for you!

As we. continue to move through the current energies, feel welcome to join me this week:

1) If you have time and space, and you want to connect deeper with Spirit and IGNITE YOUR INTUITION, I invite you to set up a call to see if the Tarot and Angel Practitioner journey is aligned with you!

2) TODAY at 10 AM, Sha-medium Tonya Dee and I will be going LIVE in The Frequency Key Facebook group.

3) Tomorrow, if you are a member, I will see you on our New Moon Call!

4) And last Fridays circle was such a powerful one, so we are doing it again this week! Catch the replay and call details this week.

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