Angel Message Monday: What does a rocket do so that it can launch?

We have one of the most powerful New Moon’s coming up, the New Moon in Aries, this Sunday on April 11th at, 9:30 PM CST.

It is a time for big-dreaming, scheming, and blasting off. 🚀

When I type those words I think of a rocket launch.

Let’s imagine one for a moment. When a rocket launches, Earth’s gravity pulls down on the rocket. In order to have an upward force, the rocket has to burns propellants and push OUT the exhaust. That creates an upward force and thrusts the rocket into the sky.

Perhaps that is why we say “blast OFF.” Something has to push off and come out, in order to rise up.

AND furthermore, once a rocket reaches the right distance from Earth, it releases again by letting go of the satellite or spacecraft.

That is what is here for us now, the waning moon before this big new moon is that moment to fuel up. What can we let go of, rid of, and push OUT so that we blast off?

I DO WANT TO KNOW! Comment below for a little extra support today!

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2 thoughts on “Angel Message Monday: What does a rocket do so that it can launch?”

  1. Hi Gina!
    #2 was my card. Still feeling so much frustration in putting any piece together for forward movement/ creation with business. Have sat with fears, ect;….stuck & motionless is the current status. Xo

    1. Ahhhh that six of fire! There is a lot of energy in that in the message to SLOW down which I think you are doing. I know next week’s exercise will help you bring clarity for sure. Frustration can signal clarity will benefit and that we are forcing or something is not working. There are four types of frustration: personal, conflicting, environmental, and pressure. Explore which it might be for you. Frustration is usually accompanied by another emotion as well that is probably whispering to you. I pull a support card and get the Knight of Fire for you today – which means to put things into action ONLY AFTER THINKING EACH PIECE THROUGH. I hope this helps. XO

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