Angel Message Monday: Get rid of all that is standing in the way of being YOU!

This week, universal energy is ….

  • Bringing us a waning gibbous moon in Libra telling us to love on us

  • Giving us whispers, we are certainly not trapped

  • Is reminding us we’d be wise to ask for help

  • Nudging us to get rid of all that stands in the way of being US


You have heard it before – be who you are; everyone else is taken.

I want to publicly commend this lady for truly taking the step recently to do that fully! Meet Lynn…




When I met Lynn, it was evident that she had a keen ability to help people in a soooo familiar way.

She didn’t believe me, though, and she had to see it for herself.

Over the past couple of years, she has taken steps to embrace her on fire clear hearing and healing abilities.

Needless to say, she has wowed herself with her intuitive and energy work, and she is fully stepping in!

Every month in the mentorship group, I spotlight a different member. This month, Lynn is sharing her story of how she is breaking out and saying YES to helping people with energy work easily and conveniently right through your inbox (you can email her btw at lynn63129@gmail.com if you want to find out more information or receive a mini energy session)!

She is accurate, on fire, FUNNY AS HELL, and ready to help in a big way. You will thank me later!

This week, I invite you to be more like Lynn.

What can you do to shed the old patterns, imprints, and beliefs that you can’t do _____________???

I hope Angel Message Monday helps! XO



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