In Feng Shui, there is a tool you may have heard of called the Bagua Map (pronounced BAG-WHA)? 

Although the original Bagua is in an octagon’s shape, I like to describe the Bagua Map as a tic-tac-toe grid. 

It is grid divided into nine areas as follows:

  1. Career & Opportunity (lower center)

  2. Love, Marriage & Partnerships (upper right)

  3. Family & Health (center left)

  4. Wealth & Prosperity (upper left)

  5. Good Luck Fortune Center & Health (center)

  6. Helpful People & Travel (bottom right)

  7. Children & Creativity (center right)

  8. Knowledge & Self-Cultivation (lower left)

  9. Fame & Reputation (upper center

This grid is superimposed over your floorplan layout, with the main entry point to the home along the bottom line. 

This will help you to determine which area of your home reflect which areas of your life. 

Most homes are not the perfect square as the Bagua map is shown, so the map is then simply stretched over the home. 

In some cases, sections of homes may be “missing.” Do not be alarmed in these situations as there are Feng Shui cures for these layouts.

One thing to note is the front door is always associated with the career sector. Regardless if it shows up in the career sector itself. The front door can also land in the knowledge & self-cultivation, or helpful people & travel, and it will still represent your career.

The Bagua map is an essential tool in BTB Feng Shui. It will help you determine not only the areas, but what colors, numbers, shapes, and elements are best. 

There are many other factors to be considered, such as how your astrology relates to the components of the Bagua map, and I like to invite the Archangels to help me with my Feng Shui blueprint!

So if your love life needs a boost, try de-cluttering the back right area of your home. If your wealth needs a pick me up, look into what purple shades might support your home’s back left area. 

Most importantly, take action and have fun! 

When you change your space, you change your life!