7 Day journey to your angel signs

If you are someone who notices repetitive universal messages, and you find yourself thinking “What does this mean,” or “Does it mean anything if…” I AM delighted to welcome you to this seven day journey!

My goal is to guide you to your angel team, and to the most trusted conversation with them so you can continue to take leaps of F.A.I.T.H. (F.A.I.T.H. = Finding Angels In The Heart). 

Angels always want to help, and they can’t unless you ask! Think about this, would you just mosey on in to someone’s house without being invited?! I hope not! This process will help guide you to a daily practice ensuring you invite them in, create a safe space, and stay in an active conversation with them. 

Archangel Michael takes over Siri!

Your relationship with angels is just like any other; it’s relational! You have to show up in the partnership in order to get things moving and shaking!

Angels show me love in many ways. I am about to share some of those with you in my angel sign cheat sheet!

My favorite is pictured ; Archangel Michael always messes with my electronics, and he loves to take over Siri.  

As you go through this journey, breathe, have fun, and BE OPEN to how your angel signs may show up for you!

I absolutely loved this 7 Day Journey. I expected to have my eyes opened to see the little Angel signs all around me, and to help me develop my own spirit vocabulary – that is, to be a lot more comfortable knowing what the signs mean to ME. Yes, that happened, and I do feel much more comfortable in recognizing and understanding the messages in the signs. What I did not expect was the huge change that happened in me! The messages weren’t just about building my skills, they were messages FOR me. As I listened, I was called to act in big and small ways, especially reaching out to heal relationships – which healed me.
— Maggie Huffman, Career Life Coach, Speaker & Author, http://www.talktomaggie.com


Maggie Huffman, Career Life Coach, Speaker & Author, http://www.talktomaggie.com


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