Angel Message Monday with a few action based tips …

Happy Angel Message Monday! Choose a card, receive a message!

I always love doing these for you, and I LOVE to do them specific to you. Is there something you would love to know more about? Email me and let me know, and I’ll bring it in a future Angel Message Monday!



8 thoughts on “Angel Message Monday with a few action based tips …”

  1. Thank you Gina!
    I chose position 2 and will be looking for signs!! I see them a lot-
    Lots of bird signs~
    Thanks for all you do⭐️⭐️

  2. [object Object]

    I chose the 2nd card and it is perfect! I’ve seen several hawks lately including two together on a road sign and each was facing the opposite way – something I’ve never seen before. I live with three dogs and two cats, so animals are very much in my life! My passion is animal welfare and advocacy which I work on every day and live by example of not eating/wearing/exploiting them in any way. Thank you, Gina! I will look for more signs and also focus on an actionable step I can take this week. xoxo Jan

    1. So good Jan!!!!! I am so happy to hear about this, and see this affirmation! I have such love for you and I am so in awe witnessing your ever growing journey! MUCH LOVE!! XO

  3. Thank you to Gina, from Gina! I chose card two. I’ll be looking for signs. There’s always something I fear doing, so I aim to tackle at least one!

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