ANGEL MESSAGE MONDAY: Choose 1, 2, or 3!

SO much has been happening in my little angel corner of the world! I’ll bullet all the points for you:

  1. By now I hope you have seen my invitation to join my webinar Wednesday the 10th for: “My ABC’s Of Angelic Connection.” For more details and to register for the upcoming free class, CLICK THIS LINK!

  2. My Tarot & Angel Practitioner Program is now open for enrollment. A maximum of FOUR people can apply to be in a VIP certification with me, OR there is an audit only option. For all options and info, CLICK THIS LINK!

  3. If you are someone who is wanting to make a leap from PROFESSION TO PASSION PURPOSE, and you want support, accountability, and guidance on how to do that, I have ONE space available to deep dive with you! Interested in learning more? ↡Click the button ↡

AND FINALLY … Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is ONE last minute space that has opened for my RYEE® Angel Retreat in MEXICO, May 30th to June 6th. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS SPOT, PLEASE EMAIL SUPPORT@GINANICOLE.NET.



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