An extra gift for you today (I don’t do this often).

The law of rhythm of tells us what goes one way, must eventually go another. Like a pendulum swing! Do you know which way is your pendulum swinging and how far?

Today choose a pendulum, receive a message. AND in celebration of the Tarot & Angel Practitioner Certification, if you leave a comment HERE by TODAY, October 8th, at 4:44 pm, I will pull a personal tarot card for you with an angel message (THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED).

If you want to dive even deeper, check out my free webinar tomorrow night, MY ABC’S TO ANGELIC CONNECTION. It is recorded, so if you can’t be live, you will receive the recording if you sign up.




175 thoughts on “An extra gift for you today (I don’t do this often).”

  1. Wow Gina! To begin with my initial instinct was to choose amethyst however when you started talking about the clear quartz I thought that would have been a better pick! Then you said we could incorporate two which was exact thought! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say ❤️

    1. Ah I love how these fall into place like this! LOVELY! And thank you for sharing … I always know that happens in synchronistic timing! Your card: The four of earth / cups. Watch where you are thinking small. Think BIGGER! If you have a large purchase to make and don’t want to make it based on money … think about how that might affect the flow! Money is a relationship. Treat it as such! XO

    1. Three of water … CELEBRATIONS are here! How are you spending your time? Do things to have more fun!! What you are wanting to brith … take the leap and do it! XO

    1. Hi Monica!! Good to see you sister! Page of Air or Swords. Make a change to your plan and know that it’s all smooth sailing! EVERYTHING is happening for your benefit even if you don’t see it as that now. Everything. Stay out of gossip and shut it down when you hear it. It lowers your beautiful vibe! XO

    1. You’re an early riser like me! You get the HERMIT!! My birth card … time to go within sister Katie. You have a lot to share, and first it’s necessary to go inward. Take time with YOU and only you this week. Dive on into some self development work! XO

    1. Sister JULI!!!! Hi there sweetness! I love giving back to your beautiful heart! You get two bc you had a popper … Page of Air / Swords and the Four of Water / Cups. These two together speak to me that there is something way bigger happening and you are being guided and directed to see it in a higher perspective. Open your beautiful heart to what that might be. Where are you not 100% happy and what shifts can you make to get back to happiness?! XO

  2. Andrea Raineri

    I just love Monday’s 💖. Your message is the first thing I see … love you sweet friend. You are a gift to everyone who meets you 🦉🌟

    1. Sister Andrea!! YAY!!! I love seeing you here!! And seeing your owl .. JUST before this I heard one outside! HA! You get the ACE OF EARTH / CUPS / DIAMONDS!! Things are going to be flowing to you. Remember Aces are depicted with hands in the traditional tarot, because they are GIFTS FROM THE UNIVERSE! Get a lotto ticket?! You have prosperity around you sister … stay in the flow of the law of abundance! Hop back into the class work too!!!!! It’s there for you when ready! XO

  3. You did this reading just for me, didn’t you?!! : ) Thank you!
    Question: Is the solar plexus considered above or below the border of "think twice"? (I picked the clear pendulum). So much love and gratitude!

    1. Hee hee! You are so cute! I am glad it resonates. I would consider the solar plexus and below. What is also there …. fear. But listen to your heart. You get the moon! Pay attention to your dreams and give yourself space to develop your intuition further. I am feeling tingling in my third eye, open your third eye to clairvoyance! Release fear, let it be your guide!

    1. Happy to help Hillary! Queen of water / cups / heart. Take care of yourself today / this week. Nurture you. I am also feel my crown chakra … I feel you are claircognizant, trust the ideas coming to you. Remember NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU. You are stronger than you are giving yourself credit for. You are also an empath with a strong need to retract and take good care!

  4. Happy Monday morning Gina. I chose Rose quartz. As usual, your message was spot on. Angel message Monday’s start my week off on a great note. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    1. Hi Molly!!!!! You get the three of water / cups / hearts. What are you doing for fun these days?! Up the fun zone, as Joy is where miracles are crafted! Are you seeing the glass as half full or half empt?? Shift your perspective and find the beauty in all of it, even in the judgement and pain. It’s all a part of the path beauty! Love you!

    1. I so glad! And honored! Thank you! Giving birth to something! You get the dreamer … The first card in the Major Arcana. What are you at the start of that is beginning brand new?! You have so much wisdom that is coming through you, follow the wisdom that is whispering to you. There is a new phase in your life beginning! Remember that you were going to have to jump. No one is going to push you. Don’t make decisions based on money / fear! XO

    1. Sweet Meghan! XO The Emperor!!!! Is someone being bossy boots around you?! Don’t let anyone push their weight around and center you into things. Stand in your truth and power. I also am called to tell you to get paperwork in order and things around the home planned out. You will then be more effective. All of your needs are met currently, feel into the blessings and love this week.

    1. And I love you!!!!! BIG! Nine of earth / coins / diamonds. There is a sense of you needing some time alone, retreat from the world. Connect with nature. So many blessings are coming about in your life. You have done plenty of preparation and you are well prepared, beliefs that worry. If there is anything in the home you are needing to work on, give yourself space to do that! XO

    1. Hi Jenni! You get the RELEASE card. What do you have to move on from? What do you need to let go of. Mother story. Either way you are in a place of transformation and this chapter is now complete. See it as so! You don’t have to rush ahead, take time to adjust to the shift happening! XO

  5. Kimberly Beckley

    Thank you for today’s gift. This was my first Monday Message and it’s inline with what’s going on in my life right now. -Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly! Happy to have you here! What an abundant time for you! You get Ace of air / swords / clubs. You are seeing the truth in many situations and in WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Don’t back down to that. You are absolutely brilliant and are enough and know enough to move forward. Meet any challenges with love and assertiveness. Give birth to your all knowing and grow in deeper connection with it! XO

    1. Hi Lisa! You get the Ace of fire / wands / spades. Ooooooo!!! Aces always signify a gift. In tradiational tarot you are depicted with hands. For you I feel forward movement in career and opportunity to really shift things for how you are being of service in this world and how you are rewarded for it! There is also a string asiain influence I feel in your field! Leap! XO

  6. Fabulous message! I’m traveling this week for training and spiritual growth. Really excited about this journey…..
    Thank you beautiful Gina for your Monday messages 🌟💖🌟

    1. Awesome Robin! What I hear is to ground strongly!!! Not necessarily due to travel, to help with any confusion and being clarity. You get the lovers card; a beautiful reminder to nurture your marriage and and the most important relationship, the one with yourself. I am also hearing the importance to trust right now. Pay attention to the feminine energy that it is in balance! XO

  7. Oh Gina what a sweet surprise this morning. Thank you so much for your offering! As always it resonates so profoundly and I am so grateful. Feeling some relief after a long night. 💕🙏

    1. Sweet Em! I love feeling you back in the action! Your card is the Sevenof Fire / wands / spades. Think in the higher. partner with source energy and allow it to channel 3 years. Stand firm in your beliefs and knowing of who you are. I know that by you standing in your truth, you honor your values. Wow that class comes at the perfect time !! XO love you!

  8. MariaBonDurant@yahoo.com

    Good morning, I picked the clear quartz and the reading is on track. I am working on clarity and attending your Saturday’s class took me a step closer to clarity.

    1. Hello beautiful Maria. I am so happy to hear that you are coming closer to clarity. You exuded your beautiful energy in the class, and I know you will stand in your truth further! I am being very strongly urge to advise you to drink more water, and hydrate to help rid of toxicity and raise your frequency. Perhaps with lemon! There is definitely an ending. You receive the four of water / cups / hearts. feel where you are not happy. Remember the law of polarity, and look what is at the other end of the spectrum. Draw your attention and awareness to that rather than focusing on what you are not seeing there now. Keep it simple, and go back to your values. All the answers are right there in that unfolding. They will be every time and now you have the tooolbox!

      1. No surprises, the essential oils I was drawn to for October are the citrus oils with lemon being my favorite to diffuse and add to my solar water. Yes, I need hydration. There are times when I realize the day is half over and all I’ve had is coffee. I will change that! I will hydrate, focus and keep it simple. Thank you!

    1. Hi Liz!! I am so glad to hear!!!! You get the queen of air / swords / clubs. What I hear for you immediately is for you to awaken. This is also odd but watch how your eating is on the weekends/ what you intake. The first step i am guided to is to clear. This queen is my feng shui card! De-clutter your space physically, and mentally by writing. Laugh more, cry when you need to, and worry less. You get to have what you want, and remember you always get to decide / choose!

  9. Thanks Gina!!
    Airrrr! Perfect timing 👌🏻
    Of course. Lol.
    Rose 💗 loud messages of using my voice. Divinely directed but NOW must speak out 🗣🎯.

    1. Helllllloooooooo! XO You get the there of earth! Challenges feel behind you. The pendulum swing feels big! Stay in the flow by being in balance what you give and receive. Remember that you will get out of something, what you put in. Because the earth suit can be focused on money, that’s a great place to start! Of course this is also the card that remain test teamwork is supportiv of course this is also the card that remain test teamwork is supported now as long as you creative expression is also valued!

    1. Excellent!!!! I love to hear, and hope this gives you an extra boost. What I here for you immediately is you get to have what you want. Your card is the seven of fire / wands / spades. Tune in to your heart this week and really get to know the truth of your own value system. Go beyond simply honoring that, stand up for that. Do not back down. Be in tune with your heart this week and really get to know the truth of your own value system. Honor your worth, and then go beyond that, and stand up for that. Do not back down. Do not be aggressive but rather assertive. I also am hearing the name Matt over and over around you. XO

  10. Good morning! Thank you for the “get clear” message today! It’s always nice to feel hopeful when moving to a next step even when feeling unclear.

    1. Hi Robin! I agree! Hope is wonderFULL!! I share that with you this am sister! The card you received is the moon. I feel you looking back, reminiscing. Focus on NOW. It’s all you have. There is an ending for you and then a beautiful new beginning of love in this life!! Embrace the ending so the new can happen. It may feel like a shadow. Or a difficult time, but remember that is only to help you further appreciate what is to come. Connect with your angels, they are always with you! Finally, this card is a reminder for you that it could be a very good time to move beyond the fear and develop intuitively. Get clear first!

    1. So happy to hear Elda! Your card is the four of air / swords / clubs. Firstly limit the time that you are spending on electronics devices. Or you can also consider something to help with eft. This card is a reminder to rest. It also is supportive and affirmative as they go ahead to continue with any travel plans. What I feel for you is more rest, and focusing on getting at least eight hours of sleep per night.

    1. Hey Cathy!! Your card is the ego card. Notice where you feel trapped. The only reason you feel that you may not be able to go bigger, is because you haven’t tried! Go big and And noticed you are feeling trapped. You do something this week to address any negative and Lowe via been thinking. I sugges and noticed you are feeling trapped. Do something this week to address any negative and low vibe thoughts. I suggest looking into / googling binaural beats! XO

    1. Hee hee hee!!! I love it when you play with me!!!! You get of Ace of Water / Cups / Hearts REVERSED. You have made a lot of changes in your home lately … let them settle in. If there are things to look at in the relationship, meet it with love and assertiveness. Now is not the time to withhold emotion Cinda girl … What do you need to express??? Love you! XO

    1. Ooooo thank you for this share!!! Love that! You get the King of Wands / Spades / Fire REVERSED. Slow down or it’s all going to come out caddy wonky! And you have the best of intentions and it can be super clear. Just take space and time before you speak or act. Now is not the time for impulsive decisions for sure. Visit your exceptions and make sure they aren’t too high for yourself. Focus and be clear! XO

  11. Air! Oh what a relationship lol! I am getting the travel nudge!! But something big and overseas … probably mid 2019! Gratitude for you Gina!

    1. SISTER Katie!!!!! You get the two of fire / wands / spades … and interestingly enough it is come out sideways so I am going with THAT and letting it speak! So with that .. KEEP GOING … there is no need to look back AND at the same time, please double check all of the details and make sure that you are clear. There may be some info that was overlooked. Revisit your values and go from there … they will steer you … feels good! And of course this is the card that tells us two thumbs up on relationships you are considering!! But stay clear and focused! XO

  12. I was a clear quartz today and it held true for me. No surprise! Angel Message Monday’s seem to always resonate with me. Thanks for doing these every week Gina. I look forward to them. Love seeing your creativity each week! Xoxo Jane🌺

    1. My sister Jane!!! Partnerships for one, THEN I pulled the TEN OF AIR / SWORDS / CLUBS for you …. sister transformation is happening and you are about to step into a whirlwind of good. You are seeking and looking in many directions … tune into your heart (AND I CAN SAY VALUES TO YOU NOW) to know what is right and true. This is a card that signals things getting better!! YAY! XO Love you!

    1. Hi beauty! You are giving birth to a new phase is what i am feeling for you!! Welcome the new! You get the Awakening card today which is also a Major Arcana … Spirit is guiding you. LOOK AT THINGS FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. In traditional tarot this is the hang man card … upside down and look at it from the other end of the spectrum. You have to know both ends to appreciate the ride! Enjoy it!!!! If you feel a pause … it’s temporary! XO

    1. SUNNY!!! Hi gorgeous! You get the ten of fire / wands / spades REVERSED. Please look at what you are avoiding or where you are choosing (because it’s always a choice) to take on a burden that you don’t have to. AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO. This card upright let’s us know that there is too much work and you need help, when it is reversed, and here specifically, it tells me that you can choose to make a shift! If it doesn’t bring you value … disengage! XO

    1. Happy to hear that Linda! Firstly .. ground in! You get the two of water / cups / hearts; do some forgiveness work. If there is a situation that is up in the air and your not sure which way it is going to go, trust it is going up and good things are happening. FIND THE SILVER LINING, and remember the first person to forgive is YOU. XO

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I love that. Someone else saw one somewhere else!! EEK! LOVE!!! So what I get for you is the tower or life experience card, and please know this is a BEAUTIFUL card. What I say with it is this … if you want everything, would you be willing to give everything up first? It means it is time for you to live in a higher vibing frequency, and to allow for really big CHANGE to happen!!!!!! BIG!!!! Go for it!! XO

    1. Awesome!!! AND you get The High Priestess REVERSED. HA!! Another affirmation you are recalling needing to be still and go inward. You have a super deep inner wisdom, but you may be ignoring it strongly. TUNE INTO YOU. Mediate, consider binaural beats, use oils and do what you are called to raise your frequency and be with you. Double message! XO

  13. Thank you Gina! I love angel message Monday! Rose quartz was my jam today. Love the message to lead 🙂 Thank you for today’s extra gift. You are indeed generous!

    1. Alright, alright!! Open your heart to see the all abundant. Your card is the MOON. A gorgeous card that is to be loved on. It is a reminder here to embrace all shades of the light, and not fear it. Work on releasing any fear that is holding you back, and I can say to you now … WORKING AGAINST YOUR VALUE SYSTEM. Finally … look at where something may not be exactly what it appears to be in your life! XO

    1. So good! You get JUSTICE today! For one, if you do have anything going on in court, this affirms it should very much be in your favor. AND at the same time … do you have a decision to make? Make a fair choice / decision and know that the same is going on for you. I also hear for you to make steps for BALANCE right now. Don’t give you all away!

    1. Thank you Yvette! I am going to have a wonderful day of messaging!! HEE HEE HEE!! AND same to you! XO You get the three of fire / wands / spades. SISTER ABUNDANCE!!!! YAHOOO!!!!! This is a card that tells us to notice all the love in front of us and around us. Fo you I feel like there are so many things you may not be seeing the good in. Think bigger …. the bigger picture!! What you want to create you can. And get caught up on / stay on top of taxes I hear for you! XO

  14. Nancy Stirmlinger

    Hello Angel Gina,
    Love my 4:44 Monday messages from the Angels. There has been soooo much thinking on my part yet, still have confusion. 🙁
    Love that you reminded us to pause, breathe and give ourselves a break.
    Very grateful for the affirmation that things are looking up.

    1. Nancy!!!! Hi sister! Miss you and love you!! You get the justice card … things going in your favor and your way. What I feel called to tell you here is open your heart to YOU and treat you as you so lovingly treat others. Are you thinking about a new home? For some reason this pops in here!! That could be fun!!!! Open your heart, get in the fun zone, and really make sure you are treating you right!!! XO Love you!

  15. Chrisnelle Peralta-Young

    Happy Monday! As always, I love your Monday messages, as the ones I watch always speak & resonate. I chose Rose Quartz and couldn’t have agreed more. 🌹💫 Love you! 💜💜

    1. Sister Chrisnelle! Hi sweetness! You get the card QUEEN OF FIRE / wands / spades. I love this for you!!! Time to really assert yourself and spread the word AND YOUR WINGS. YOU ARE VERY MUCH IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. You know that you can trust that and it is really safe, and quite necessary, for you to put that out there! Spread the love (and your wings!!) Love you!

    1. Hello Paula!!! You get the lovers card and I am being guided to go with the health aspect of this card this morning. Pay attention to your gut health please. There is much you can do for support as you know. You are in touch with your own inner guidance, and you must trust that as well! Send love to you first, THEN others! XO

    1. Hi Kathy!! You get the the three of air / clubs / swords today (my birth card)! Is there something that you are disappointed with lately? Notice what that is and go back to our law in the mentorship this month… look at it full spectrum. It is only showing it to yourself so you know what can be on the other side! Get serious about your goals and be proactive about making a plan … taking action to get there. XO

    1. Hi Faith! XO You get the nine of wands / fire / spades. You are right there sister. Don’t turn your back on the plan now. A time of bravery perhaps, but you have worked to get to this place. Stand in the truth of that!!! Believe in you … you came here to be greater than you can imagine. I am hearing "loosen the grip just a bit." Less control can be better! XO

  16. Breaking free from the constraints I hold against myself in this work. Message received and moving forward! Thank you for always sharing such spot on messaging! <3

  17. Love angel messsge Monday – picked rose quart and of course the message was spot on – ideas have been coming to me and I need to break away and SPEAK! Thank you Gina♥️

    1. Hi Cindy!! Miss you and love you! You get the Nine of water / cups / hearts REVERSED. You ARE connected so don’t second guess it. Trust the know that comes through you. Here this can be a reminder to watch where you are overindulging. I invite you to really tune into what happiness and joy and even success means to you. Then notice where those things exist and where not, and a make a change with how you look at it! XO

    1. Hi friend Lisa! XO Thanks for being here! You get THE PAGE OF CUPS / WATER / HEARTS!!! For one I feel your kiddos taking major time / space. That is okay. AND at the same time … there is development going on with you, and you learning how to rise above any and all lower vibrations around you. I suggest oils, binaural beats, and water for you!! Also getting into pure nature more. With the trees! Love you!

  18. Kristine Robinson

    Good morning Beautiful! I’ll be on the webinar tomorrow night and thank you for sharing and shining your light here! Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Kristine! XOXOXO If you are doubting leaving behind something or if you made the correct choice for you (and even your family), you did. IF you are resisting making a change, there is a strong chance it may be REALLY necessary! What is very key to me here is that you know YOU have the power to release in you. You have the power to make the shift. It is not going to come outside of you.

    1. Hi Teresa! Things are shifting for you and I feel change. Tune into your own heart. You get The High Priestess card. Listen to you sister. Decide and get clear on what your heart is speaking to you. It may be a good time to do some development (I am offering a free class tomorrow). My spine is drawing awareness and if you do have a chiropractor now would be a good time to go! Or to a holistic health care provider! XO

    1. HI Stacy! XO Sending love! You get the Queen of Water / Cups / Hearts … take care of you today sister. Put you first. I hear to keep the FAITH which I say stands for Finding Angels In The Heart. The shadow illuminates the light and is happening with and for you, never against you! XO Big love!

    1. SARAH! Hi love!! You get the Awakening card!!!!! Look at things from a different perspective. In traditional tarot it is the hanged man card. Where are you not satisfied and how can you look at it differently? I also get my spirit vocabulary to direct you toward essential oils! XO

    1. Blessings! You get the Awakening card or hang man in traditional tarot. Turn upside down and … surrender at this time. For you … I am feeling to WRITE about it to get it all out. Sit down and WRITE. Journal to let it come through you. Notice where you are being negative. YOU KNOw WHAT TO DO! I hear that clearly .. tune into your inner knowing and trust! XO

    1. Hi Abby! WELCOME! I am happy to have you hear. XO You get the Two of Air / Swords / Clubs. No more pretending sister! You have to choose you. Get in tune with your heart … what do you really value? Move forward from there. It is RELLY KEY FOR YOU TO SET AN INTENTION FOR YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT NOW! Focus on the desired outcome. Visualize yourself in your end goal, and ask her how she got there! There is some LEARNING around you too now! XO

    1. Hello Elizabeth! XO First and foremost I hear that there is some forgiving that is needed now. Remember forgiveness always starts with you. AND it is time for you to move on sister. You are ready to design the life that you love. DO THAT BY MAKING SURE THAT EVERY SINGLE THING AND PERSON IN IT FEELS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS TO YOU!!! Your are ready to transform and initiate oneness now! XO

  19. Carol Anderson

    For years I have known ABOUT angels, and now with Gina’s help I know angels. I thank God, for creating angels to help me, and for gifting each of us with angelic intuition. Thank you Gina for teaching me how to access and acknowledge that part of me. You are a joy for all to know!

    1. Hi Carol! I love you Carol and it is an honor to be walking with you. For you I get Three of Water / Cups / Hearts today! YAHOO!! Step into the fun zone and watch that manifest more of what you want. I feel you coming up for air and catching your breath now. I invite you to pay attention to how you are affected by COLOR; it will either encourage you or overcome you. Finally … keep on going! You are doing so well and your current decisions and path are keeping you forward moving! XO

    1. Hi Tara! Thank you for watching! Your card is the EMPRESS CARD!! Oh goodness … what are you waiting for! The time to give birth to your dreams is now. I am also feeling COYOTE connection … the teacher of the hidden wisdom! Let that unfold. What are you waiting for? Finally … you have prosperity and abundance around you!!! Remember that money is simply an energy … treat it like any other relationship! XO

  20. Alyssa Hernon

    Hi Gina!
    Of course I got the clear quartz, lol. Thank you so much for the reading and for the class on Saturday. It was amazing! I have been journaling since the class and have been feeling loads better.
    Sending love to you from Scotland! Xoxo

    1. HA! Of course!! Sweet Alyssa … was so happy to have you in the class! You get The BALANCE card! So a few things … one take care of you and bring balance in as a focus. Two, pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with and please keep that HIGH VIBE! Three, continue on the forgiveness path of Ho’oponopono. I love you and miss you in the Lou! XO

    1. Awe I know you are!!! And I you, Noeli! Your card is the THREE OF EARTH / COINS / PENTACLES / DIAMONDS. Your time is now to shine and you will be rewarded for what you are doing int he world. Be open to where you might be able to do some things with work … where you can partner. You are a leader no doubt! Finally … when you wake at night … WRITE!! Let it come out of you. SO much brilliance and Divine wisdom to share! Let the creative flow continue! XO Love you!

    1. Awe sweet Julia!!! HI!!!! I send you SO much love! You get the TEN OF WATER / CUPS / HEARTS. Such a lovely card with a message that affirms that LIFE IS GOOD. There is so much to look back on and be proud of. I feel two opportunities around you. One is a tad larger of an offer and you will know which to go with! It will feel right! Clean your stove and keep it spick and span for abundant energy to flow to you! XO Love you!

    1. HA! I love that! You get the Life Experience card Justine! Ooooo I do love this card. It is the tower in traditional tarot and it reminds us that a BIG change is up for us and it will be for the better in the long run. I am really feeling the energy of CRYSTALS around you … use them to aid in your sensitivities! XO

    1. Hi Karen, you are welcome! You get the QUEEN OF EARTH / COINS / DIAMONDS! Are you trying to be Mary Poppins and get it all done?! You do get to have what you want. For sure. Believe in that. I want you to do some research around the law of correspondence, and polarity. FIND PEACE!!!! I am also feeling and seeing my symbol for a dog … be loyal to you. Spend sometime in nature!!

    1. Hi Annie! Your card is the ACE OF EARTH / COINS / PENTACLES / DIAMONDS. There is definitely an influx coming to you SO STAY IN THE FLOW OF BALANCED GIVING AND RECEIVING SO YOU CAN BENEFIT THE MOST. You will always get what you put in. There is also "papers" I see and perhaps you writing on paper (could be journaling, signing something, learning something). Go inward this week! Take care of you and open your heart to receive!

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for participating! Your card is the ten of earth / coins / diamonds. Find the miracle that is in all around you. I feel a call to children here and young children. Your family life and your needs are all well supported. Trust that! Archangel Ariel energy came in VERY strong here to remind you to (WHOA I just noticed your name … cool …parent angel perhaps) connect with nature and the animals. She is also the one who can help with money! XO

  21. Dawn Christman

    OMG Gina! I chose the 3rd Pendulum. "SPEAK", and I had a huge idea that came to me yesterday that I need to speak with you about, and it involves You!!

    1. HA!! I did get your message and will call you back (my day is devoted to this and clients right now … it’s a busy one here). Look forward to connecting!!! Your card is NINE OF AIR / SWORDS / CLUBS. Firstly, if you are not sleeping address that, but if being woke up between the hours of 3 and 4, write and listen to what is coming through you! MAYBE YOUR NEXT BOOK. There may be mind clutter you want to remove first, then more will pour through. Love you! XO

  22. You are a shining light, you have no idea how much of a difference you make with everything you put out there from that beautiful heart of yours. Thank you!!!

    1. Awe I have love for you Clea! Your card is the EMPRESS!!! Give birth to your dreams sister. Caring for that beautiful daughter of yours, and don’t forget to care for you. There is a lot of info coming into you. COOK SOMETHING UP DELIGHTFUL. I do get my spirit vocab for unionship!! Mmmmm an agreement to be made and coming about! Love you!

  23. It’s unbelievable how much this resonates for me right now. And a personal message couldn’t come at a better time. There is conflict and turmoil in my life right now. Nice to hear a message that it will be ok because right now it feels like it will not be. The energy behind each of those crystals all align with everything I’m going through

    1. Awe sending you strong visualizations for a happy outcome for all. You get the THREE OF WATER OR CUPS OR HEARTS. Where can you create space to have a little joy?? Either way it is going to work out for the betterment sister. Remember that! Do what you have to do to feel centered at this time and have FAITH (Finding Angels In The Heart) that all good will flow to you! Yes it may be a dark time but you can’t know the light unless you know the dark first! All relative! XO

  24. Kristen Farrand

    I always love a Monday morning message! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to participating in tomorrow’s webinar. Blessings to you.

    1. HI Kristen! It will be a joy to have you!!! It’s is a fun class. =-) You get the five of earth / coins / diamonds. Release all fear around money, and also accept it from unknown sources. If there is financial help, scholarship of some sort, or grant around you, go after it now! You could be successful! Very key for you … take your power back!!! Don’t give it away. Stand in the power and the truth of who you really are!! And don’t give your power away to money! XO It’s another relationship.

    1. Ahhhh I will have to look!!! HI Sara!!!! You beauty! You get the seven of water / cups / hearts!!! Tune into your heart to make the best decision possible. I do feel some fear that is moving away. Put some loving care into your relationship, and are you thinking one more bambino?! =) BIG LOVE!!!! Make you a priority and don’t be afraid to take action sister! XO Love and miss you! XO

    1. The first thing I hear is to breathe. =-) You get the reversed King of Pentacles. Remember money is just an energy … (I know you know this). Be conscious of where the material world might be taking over. BIG PURCHASES. (LOL – Have to laugh). Either way a love for the beautiful things in life will bring more beautiful things! With this card positioning, your happiness will not be based on one single thing. It will be a culmination of all that comes together! XO And so it may be! XO

  25. Working in the corporate world, I used to hate Mondays. Nowadays though, I see them as new beginnings. Time to start fresh, create change, look into the future! I always look forward to your email message on Mondays too and glad to have found you! Thank you, Gina!

    1. I LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS WITH YOU! Awesome! You get the King of Swords. Power house!!! Be super wise … you are a leader. One word that I am hearing strongly INTEGRITY. Do what you say you are going to do! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHAT THE NEXT STEP IS. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Come up with a plan. Strategize, and love where you are now in order to get to where you are wanting to go!

  26. Tricia Strachan

    I love getting the kids to school on a Monday and sitting down with you! Thank you for the ongoing reminder to check in with my body. So grateful for all you share with us.

    1. Thank you Tricia! You get the Queen of Pentacles. Are you trying to do too much? You can … that is the issue! You are able to do it all sister, but you don’t have to! Nurture and love on YOURSELF too! Surround yourself with a heart tribe you love as well. Super key right now. I do feel "grandfather" energy around you. I see a very nice dinner out coming soon, or that you have been wanting to do. DO IT!! XO

  27. Gina! You’re so wonderful. I watch every Monday and your messaging becomes serious guidance for my week! All the cards resonated today, and seems like they all went together! See you tomorrow on the webinar and so much love to you.

    1. Awesome, Elana! I love that you start your week with me, and that i get to be with YOU! You get the six of swords! Sister … the sweet transition is here. If you want to do any travel or moving … GO!!! I also feel a shift with some things in your career!? Come up with a NEW plan. Use your brilliance and your logic … tune into your values and go after what you want and what matches that! XO

  28. Breaking free from the constraints I hold against myself in this work. Message received and moving forward! Thank you for always sharing such spot on messaging! <3

    1. Three of swords sister!!! RELEASE ALL THAT HAS BEEN IN THE PAST AND THE WAY THAT YOU HAVE SHOWED UP IN THE PAST. You are done with that phase. It’s a new day, a new dawn. Source is listening to WHAT YOU WANT! Make decisions that align with your values (what is super key and important to you and THEN to others). The time to break old patterns is now. You can see what you want your life to be like …what are the steps to get there? You have to take those! XO

    1. OH LOVE! You get the two of wands! It is time to be super bold and go after what you want. CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD BASED ON YOUR VALUE SYSTEM, AND BASED ON WHAT YOUR HIGHER VISION IS!! You can take huge leaps and make big progress. Yes, the moon appears. I see the dark. But I also see the light and the spectrum that entails all. The dark does serve it’s purpose too! XO

  29. Thank You Gina! Picked the rose quartz and was wonderfully blessed with the messages! I so appreciate this one encouraging us to Speak and the reminder that ideas are divine gifts!
    Thank you!

    1. =-) Speak on sister! Your card is the four of cups. I see my spirit symbol for inner child work. Get in touch with her … I go to your four year old self. Where you are not content … notice why and tune in to see what you need for more happiness to come into your life. If you are discontented, it may perhaps be because you are going against the flow! Go with the flow! Go with love!!! XO

  30. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for continuing to share messages on Mondays. I really look forward to it and some part of the message always resonates for me. Today I chose amethyst (my birthstone) and you mentioned travel. YES!! I leave for a trip(where I intend to "just be" as you suggested) on Wednesday. Now I know that I will travel fully supported by angelic energy-YAY!

    1. Sweet Jules!!! You get the nine of pentacles. When I ask about travel I hear GROWTH!! YAHOO!!!!!! I feel all of your work paying off in a big way and success showering you!! ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY are the spirit vocabulary I get!!!

    1. Thank you for listening Michelle! A pleasure to give back! Your card is the seven of wands! You have to focus. What’s important to you?? Be really firm on this answer AND STAND IN THAT BELIEF. Communicate fro your heart. Let spirit drive you. You don’t have to worry about what to say or do when you are in your truth. Stand in your power and trust that the light supports you! XO

    2. Love this! THANK YOU! You get the six of cups!!! A message to get in touch with your inner child, and specifically the male or more yang aspect of that. This could also be the your inner child in relation to the father role. Something is wanting to be released in your solar plexus. A false imprint that may even be affecting your digestive or hormones. It is safe for you TO STAND IN THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE! XO

    1. I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE IT, LAUREN! Your card is the first! The DREAMER!!! Are you ready for a new journey? If you were doing what brings you COMPLETE JOY would be where you are now? Consider anything that needs "fixing" as already complete and well. I also get something with design / interior design. If you are wanting to redecorate something, it is supported. The funds will show up. XO

  31. Jan McMichael

    This was awesome! I chose amethyst and it was perfect! And, it goes well with the Whispers work we did on Saturday. Thank you, love!

    1. I loved having you in the Whispers of Why class!! You made big movement, Jan. Your card is the six of pentacles. ALL OF THE MONEY YOU WILL EVER NEED WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. You have to trust that. Also remember the law of abundance. Revisit that one. You will get what you give. There may be a slight pause, and you may only be seeing half of the situation. Open your eyes and heart to where this COULD lead. What you could be doing!! Love you! XO

    1. I am so glad, Marg! Those angels got it covered! Your card is the knight of pentacles! This is a reminder and a whisper to begin planning. The journey might be a long one, but you are ready to go and have all that you need. I feel a woman energy around you in the spirit realm, who is showing me a garden perhaps or growing something they are very proud of. In this letting you know that you are planting seeds for the future. I want to advise you to get a planner of sorts and WRITE IT ALL DOWN! XO

  32. I was torn between amethyst and Rose, but chose amethyst. Funny they were that same card. Thank you for saying don’t worry. It’s something I do a lot!!

    1. AWE GINA!! What a great name. =-) Your card is the page of swords! You have much inner wisdom about to come to you. You may not even know it. If you are not familiar with the word claircognizant, you need to be! You are this. Stand in your truth, and speak that in assertiveness and love. Allow for it to come out, and stop shoving it away! You are ready to speak. OX

      1. Thank you for this, Gina. No, I was not aware of being claircognizent. Instead, I’ve been led to second guess things. I will look into it. I have been speaking my truth lately after being silent for so long, and being confronted with accusations. Hoping my throat issues resolve as a result! The key is probably learning to choose my words wisely! 🙂

    1. HI Christy!!! Thank you for playing with me! Your card is the nine of earth!!! Are you self-employed? I hope so!! Your path is so supported sister. You get to have what you want. I feel GROWTH and growing currently happening, and it feels good. Move into the next phase now and come up with a detailed plan of how to get there! Focus more on the energetics of that! XO

    1. I am so glad that you were led here, Alex!!! It is a pleasure to be here with you. Truly! Your card is five of wands!!!!! Firstly … don’t resist the transformation. A part of that might be a challenge. You got this and you are fully equipped with what to do! First things first, take time to really consider your options, keep your emotions out of it. Then make your next move. You have the whollllle world. I keep seeing clouds and feel that you are getting messages in the shapes of clouds!

  33. Oh no! I’m sorry I missed this however I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow and I would also like to express gratitude for you. Thank you for all the Monday angel messages and for the feng shui advice I have recieved in the last year. 🙂

    1. I am happy you are able to join tomorrow! You will be able to have your own answers there! YAHOO!!!! Indeed and for sure, which always makes me so happy! Big love Chris! XO

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