A, B, or C?!

I hope you are seeing this at the beginning of your week to help you have an INFUSED week of love ahead!

I am celebrating the good news that my oracle cards will arrive the first week of January! YIPEE!!!! So I am delivering the messages here today with my very own cards.

If you are drawn to watch this week … get your intuitive groove on! It’s time for you to go deeper. 

You can start where I started … check out my Major Arcana Journey! It’s a fun one, and super loaded. People are loving it!

2 thoughts on “A, B, or C?!”

  1. Hey Gina, I picked B so my immediate thought was "why do I need to pause, what’s wrong?" LOL Then I noticed that your email hit my inbox at 4:44 am. So a message within a message..all is well..a pause is just that, a pause.

    1. AHHHH BUT MOST importantly SITE! We know you are a seer. Pay attention to the first sit rule in your space Beth. I know you have Feng Shuiid with me, so revisit that in your report!! Love this! XO

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