The symbolism of 40, and my 40 years of life research.

In numerology, the number 40 is associated with worth, respect, and honor.

In angel numbers, the number 40 is thought to be a message from the angels to keep up the great work and a reminder to live your Divine life purpose with passion and enthusiasm.

Christianity similarly uses the number 40 to designate essential periods of time. It was one of the most used numbers in the Bible. 

Before his temptation, Jesus fasted, “forty days and forty nights.” Rain fell for “forty days and forty nights” during the Flood. Noah sailed on his Ark for 40 days and 40 nights. The Israelites wandered for 40 years. Moses was on the mount for 40 days. There were 40 days between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Lent is 40 days.

Spiritually, number 40 signifies a bond with the spiritual authorities. This bond is formed to seek counsel for you and the people around you.

In dreamwork, the number 40 can represent a time of cleansing and preparing to grow.

For the more science-based brains, and fact-based inspiration, here are more factual things to think about when pondering the meaning of the number 40. 

When we look to the body for the unfolding of the number 40, our skin cells on average take 40 days to renew, our red blood cells start dying from 40 days onwards, and sperm count can be increased in 40 days. TRANSFORMATION! 

Minus 40 degrees, or “40 below,” is the only temperature that is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To qualify for retirement benefits under Social Security in the U.S., a person must have earnings for 40 quarters.

It took chemists 40 attempts to develop WD-40, which is how it got it’s name; Water Displacement, 40th formula.

I also ponder .. a 40-hour workweek. That juicy number where a position is valued enough for extra perks and benefits. 

When I look at the number 40 visually, I see a triangle on a straight line that is BALANCING itself in the four. I see an egg with something new about to be birthed in the zero. 

While I love the rebirth and transformation messages of the number 40, I also appreciate that 40 is known to be a pivotal power age.

Carl Jung said, “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research. “

Here are 40 things, my past 40 years of research have taught me.

  1. I have officially known my friends from fourth grade for three-quarters of my life. Life moves fast.

  2. I can’t care what others think, and focus on my own opinion of me at the same time. Self-love for the win, and it needs to come first.

  3. Peace truly starts with my own heart. If I feel anything but peace, it’s on me and me alone.

  4. Not only is someone else’s opinion of me none of my business, but it’s also an opinion or judgment of themselves. 

  5. Compassion is one of the quickest ways to shift into deeper love.

  6. I have a never-ending choice to make my visions and dreams come true, or someone else’s. I choose myself.

  7. Money is an energy that naturally ebbs and flows. The more I flow through the ebbs, the more life flows. Worrying about money takes me out of the flow. 

  8. People value and get what they pay for, and life is more valuable with energy exchange. To that point, bartering has only proven to be a low vibe experience for me. I invest wisely and would rather save time than money.

  9. Rules can be limiting. Don’t break them but dance with them.

  10. My best guru is me. I have all my answers when I am in faithful listening. The best mentors are those that help me deepen the listening.

  11. The most accurate parts of intuition with the juiciest guidance are the things that could be easily ignored.

  12. Knowing my core values is my lifeline; they are my bottom lines, absolute boundaries, and non-negotiables. I used to think integrity was a top core value, and now see integrity to me means demonstrating my core values. I surround myself with others who share that vision.

  13. The nervous system is an essential system to love on and nurture. Every. Single. Day. Therefore, it’s important to know what affects it; loud noise, negativity, EMF pollution, being stuck in stories, and gossip are tough on my nervous system. Saying no to all of the above is key for me.

  14. What and how I feed my body is vital. A food pyramid based on frequency vs. food groups helps me to feed my vitality.

  15. Breath connects me to God.

  16. Racism does not equal hate. It is a whole system of oppression and one that is very much alive. We are one body of energy, and it has to be acknowledged.

  17. Dialogue is important (and a key to the above point). Collaboration, exploration, common understanding, and listening are the qualities I strive for in conversation. Conversations that involve a need to be right, assumptions, proving others wrong, and needing to win are all a waste of my time.

  18. My current physical flaws just may be what I wish I have in five years, so I love my body now.

  19. Clutter is to the home what sugar is to the body, and worrying is to the mind. They all keep me stuck and in a feeling state that doesn’t feel good.

  20. My body never fights me. It only wants to give me messages. I have a better relationship with my body when I thank it for the messages instead of getting mad.

  21. Marriage. MAR = to impair/damage, RI = King/Queen, AGE = time of existence. I have concluded that marriage, when done in unity breaks down power, ego, and authority over time, guiding us into a greater love of shared power. It isn’t easy, but it is loving.

  22. The way to talk to women about their bodies is no way. Don’t do it. It’s far better, more productive, and supportive to talk about their feeling state.

  23. I was mean to the little girl in me. Self-forgiveness is perhaps the most freeing tool and helped her feel loved again.

  24. It’s not only okay to let someone know I don’t agree with them when I don’t; it’s necessary. It’s important to speak my truth on all accounts. If it doesn’t come out, it goes in and makes a nest of stories in my cells.

  25. The word lie lives in beliefs, and I can change any of them at any time. A belief without action may be the biggest lie of all; fear. Fear is only a nudge to take big action. Action speaks louder than beliefs.

  26. F.E.A.R. = Forgetting everything angels represent. F.A.I.T.H. = Finding angels in the heart. I can only be in one at all times. Choosing to live in FAITH with the angels keeps me out of FEAR.

  27. I can only be as good as the people I surround myself with, and I choose that frequency wisely. 

  28. Boundaries are the ultimate tool for addressing and preventing frustration and anger. I have to be okay knowing using that tool may send people away. Brene Brown said best, “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” 

  29. My morning ritual is everything. Starting the day with breathwork, visualization, affirmation, movement, reflection, meditation, prayer is everything.

  30. My morning ritual only needs to be five minutes, but it needs to happen if I want a better day than yesterday.

  31. Relationships are way more important than things. Things take up space and can stand in the way of relationships.

  32. Gratitude catapults me forward and helps my being blossom, ingratitude holds me back and wilts my being. Gratitude and appreciation in any relationship nurture it. Appreciation for my husband is a bottom line.

  33. Jennifer Anniston said this one best, “You may not have a child come out of your vagina, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t mothering.”

  34. I am always okay. Even in “death,” I am okay. Everyone is always okay.

  35. I am far better off surrendering to God’s plan and God’s will, than telling God what I want or need. 

  36. Robert Fulghum was right; all I need to know I did indeed learn in Kindergarten.

  37. The devil comes in pretty packages. 

  38. The brightest light can be seen in the dark. It is LIGHTWORK to see that dark. 

  39. I am my most free when I allow myself to be who I AM; the tarot card flipping, intuitive, Angel loving, Feng Shui free spirit I came to be. That person that is always developing purpose … the purpose that is continually unfolding.

  40. Purpose is not discovered or found, it’s lived. If I wake up each day and ask, “how can I help even one person today,” my life stays on purpose.

I am curious, what did 40 teach you, or what might you think it teaches you if you aren’t there yet?

I have learned so many things, and I am ready for the next 40 years of research!

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