6 Symbols That Will Empower Inspired Eating

Sacred Geometry is a basic way of giving name to the fact that every symbol, shape, and geometric shape in existence holds a sacred meaning. If you were to look it up on Wikipedia,  you would also learn it is also associated with the belief that a God is the geometer of the world. 

It is a very ancient system, and there is nothing new age about it. I have seen it craft nothing short of miracles in my life. The symbols can be used to deflect electromagnetic pollution, to ascend in meditation, and in this case we are using them to set an intention with food.

When Becky Schoenig, part owner of the St. Louis restaurant Sym•Bowl (formerly HotPot), mentioned they wanted to use Sacred Geometry as a part of their new branding strategy, I was happy to help her assess these ancient symbols. 

We lovingly chose specific shapes to super charge their menu items with sacred goodness, and set the intention for an inspired journey of conscious eating. Check it out, and use them for your self!

Paleo: Torus

When you are in the womb, and before any of your limbs form, you are shaped like a donut, like the shape you see in the center circle in the picture above. This donut shape rotates and moves energy in and out, and everything moves in perfect balance. The earth does the same thing, as does much else in nature. The sacred symbol, torus, represents how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The Paleo lifestyle is also perceived as a process, one that relates to the physical aspects of your life; what you eat, how you move, etc. This ancient symbol represents this energy well, as both bring in a dynamic process of moving in balance. 

Gluten Free: Flower of Life

The Flower of Life holds deep spiritual meaning across the world, and is a very powerful symbol. It represents, enlightenment, the underlying structure of all of life, the building block to all that is, connection with the universe on a soul level, and aligning your energies to a higher vibration. When you ascend spiritually and in fact choose to vibrate at a higher frequency, or are a sensitive being, you are more sensitive in general. One of the sensitivities that can be heightened are diet sensitivities, and often times gluten. The Flower of Life is a beautiful symbol to energize gluten free eating, as it empowers everything to become more in-LIGHT-ened and charged.  

Clean: Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube forms a map of creation that has been well recognized and energized throughout time. It contains every shape that exists in the universe from food to DNA. If you were to study this ancient symbol, you would learn how it is the map to the literal creation of this universe. It illustrates how source energy created high vibrational frequencies that ripple out, and eventually created color, sound, and physical matter. The spheres in the shape represent the feminine, while the straight lines represent the masculine. The cube in it’s entirety represents the weaving together of these two energies to create oneness in all that is. The cube also represent the body in third dimensional reality, while the sphere represents the conscious within your soul. Metatron’s Cube perfect symbol that energizes the message of eating clean, and having a clean connection with all that is. 

Vegan: Seed of Life with the Beginning Sri Yantra

This shape is the Seed of Life with an upside down triangle. The Seed of Life is a symbol that can be found in all major religions and most ancient cultures. The seven circles in the shape, represent the seven days of creation, abundance, and reproduction. It is a blueprint for the universe, and is also a foundation for the Flower of Life (above). This symbol of creation and fertility, energizes the process of eating intentional. The upside down triangle is the beginning to the all expansive Sri Yantra in Sacred Geometry, and holds the energy of Shakti, or power. This is well suited to charge Vegan eating, as it reminds you to go back to the basics, and to eat to support a clean and clear vessel to spiritually ascend.  

Vegetarian: Icosahedron

The Icosahedron is the symbol for the element of water. It is a beautiful reminder to drink plenty of water, and for you to “go with the flow.” This symbol asks for you to trust in the wisdom of the universe. Of course the universe would provide everything you need. This also is a call to be willing to accept help from others, and that is what sym-bowl aims to be for you, a helpful source that can easily provide to you. It is a perfect symbol for eating vegetarian conscious, as you surrender to what the earth naturally gives you, and are in the flow with eating from that source. 

Auto-immune: Seed of Life Accenting the Circle 

The Seed of Life is described above; the symbol of seven days of creation, abundance, a blueprint to all that is, fertility, and reproduction. The circle in the middle is where the Seed of Life begins, and is also highlighted here. The Circle is the symbol reminding you that you are whole, perfect and complete as is. The root link to auto-immune disorder spiritually speaking, is when the body is literally at war with itself. As the body goes into fighting itself, the Seed of Life brings forward the energy to create a new blue print and give birth to a new way of being and nourishment. The Circle reminds you that you are whole and complete as is. 

If you are a St. Louis local, next time you are in Sym•Bowl, check out the geometric shapes surrounding you and go into them. Feel into what they mean for you, and how they make you feel. If you really take them in, you can reach new experiences in conscious eating.

If you are not local to St. Louis, play with Sacred Geometry and the effect it may have on your food.

May you be healthy, consciously eating, and setting an intention around your food! In love.

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