When I was in my early 20s I met a vedic astrologer from India. I was blown away and intrigued by his presence; the white robe, chimes and bells, the people that ooed over his well known popularity. Particularly, it was his ability to tell me exactly what would happen based on how the stars were aligned when I was born. He did my astrology readings every year, and was
spot on each time.

The first time we met, he told me I was going to be in a job working on the water and in a uniform. (I worked on cruise ships for 4 years). It was all spot on correct.

I was addicted! How could I not return to this man who was able to give me so much correct information about my life?! He also told me I would get divorced, and not have kids. I had to keep going back for more to find out if that was going to be the truth. The fear in me wanted to know.

(Of course it was going to be the truth. I believed it!)

After my divorce occurred that he so bluntly predicted, he came to stay with me for a short time. I provided a place for him to stay, and he gave me 60 minutes of the new juiciest low down about where my life was headed.

All I remember was the first 10 minutes. The part about where I should give up on love entirely, as I would never see success in that realm of my life.

He went on to explain what I should do; go to India with him and study. How I needed to really use my intuitive gifts and blah, blah, blah.

It just didn’t sit well with me. Never see success in love? Never?! Ouch. Here is this “holy man,” who claims to be the light of India, so well known, and here he is sitting on my couch to deliver such heart wrenching news. My heart ached for several minutes.

Then I came to the conclusion …. “maybe I should just give up on love then! If it is not in the stars he would know.” I was convinced it would save me heartache if I surrendered to this information.

So I did. Deep down, I truly felt I would not see success in love. Everything he had said to this point had come true in my life, so surely this would too.

For several years I let what he said get into my blood. I felt defeated in love, and kept that message in the back of my mind. That feeling set the tone in my life for several years, and I was a magnet for situations that confirmed I should give up on love. I continued to receive situations that were a vibrational match for just that; being defeated in love.

The heartaches, the dumb situations I chose to be in, and indeed the lack of love.

Thankfully, I met a wonderful teacher several years after meeting him. She helped me not only develop my angel intuitive path, she also helped to release old belief patterns and let go of all of the old stories that I believed so deeply. (That story is a book in itself).

I used prayer, worked with my angel team, ho’oponopono, put his soul on notice, did forgiveness work around that man and more importantly, forgave myself. I let go of the fact “I wasted time,” “trusted someone I shouldn’t have,” and my story that “he hurt me.”

I have 3 very valuable take aways from that situation.

  1.  I learned how I would never choose to show up; in a negative tone, giving people the “you can’ts,” nor coming from a place that lacks the intention of the highest good. I am committed to working only from a place of love and integrity.
  2. He taught me a kick a** lesson behind the power of the law of attraction. We truly are what we think and feel. I proved to myself that I can create the life I want, starting with one small feeling deep in my heart center. I reverse engineered what I chose to do with his advice for 7 years, applied that to my life, and have created such goodness (including a fabulous husband that came with 2 kiddos)!
  3. Finally, I learned that nothing is more powerful than me, unless I let it be.. I don’t need a shield, advice, or anything outside of me. The truth and greatness I know I need, comes straight out of meditation and my relationship with source.

At the end of the day, don’t take someone’s advice unless you are can truly say you think what that person is up to is pretty good stuff! Including mine!

If you have a story to share, or perhaps this hit home for you, please share! I welcome you to visit me on Facebook. Let’s shake things up and move through this life in goodness together! XO