It can be one of the most imbalanced relationships for people. It ebbs and flows. We love it then hate it. It can be safe, then reckless. It is easy, then can be hard. It even buts into our intimate relationships and causes further disagreements at times. Money.

I love the popular acronym for “money” (you may have heard before): “Momentarily Owned Not Eternally Yours.” We give it so much power, and we want it to stay forever, yet it is never meant to stay. It is meant to come into our lives to bless us, and then carry on to bless others. All in all, it is simply another energy. It is so easy for the human in us to want to control, to want to keep it, to be mad at it. How about trying to simply love it and let it be?! I like to think of money as a dog; if you chase it, it runs, if you let it be, it comes.

Last year I left my “safe secure job,” to commit to my purpose and helping others. I have been playing with the manifestation of money, and have had some losses, wins, and some very valuable “ah-ha” moments. Following are 8 areas I address in my life when I am wanting to manifest prosperity, and they work!

  • Change the Conversation: The most important thing I have learned overall; our emotions and especially feelings around money, determine our financial results.  How we talk to money, feel about it, and treat it, is how it talks to, feels about, and treats us. Saying you don’t have enough money, creates the feeling of being anxious over money, not supported, and establishes fear / lack of mentality. This in turn sets us up to be a vibrational match for just that. Change this relationship. Take 5 minutes to sit down, and write out all of the ways you talk to money. Look at that list and ask yourself; would you talk to your best friend that way? 
  • Bagua Map: Being a Feng Shui Practioner, I utilize the Bagua Map(pictured below). This map is placed over the floor plan of a space, creating dividing sectors into a “tic-tac-toe” grid. The back left section from the front door, denotes the area of wealth and prosperity, as highlighted in purple here. Do things to enhance this area so that you love it. Clean it up, and make it shine! Good colors to use are purples, greens, and golds. Flowing water, healthy plants, or a beautiful crystal can all help to uplift the energy here.

  • Declutter: When we declutter, we move things away energetically that no longer serve, and allow for the new to come. Clean up your mess! Toss things out that you don’t use, and that no longer bring you joy. Pay special attention to the wealth and prosperity areas of the bagua map, as shown above. I go in to each room in my home and clean up this section. Even if it is just decluttering a drawer, or dusting a floor board; it is done with intention and it shifts the energy.
  • Your Stove: In Feng Shui, the stove is one of the biggest of inlets of energy, and reflects prosperity. If it is
    dirty so is the energy coming into it, which also imparts lower vibrating energy into the food you cook on the stove. Keep it clean! It is also important to use all of the burners on the stove, to maximize the inlet of energy here. Finally, don’t keep things hanging out on the burners, like pans or a teapot. Put them away, and allow the energy to free flow around.
  • Know & Love Your Finances: We think it is easier to avoid looking at bank accounts and credit card statements, until we actually look and realize it feels much better to know what is there. Avoidance keeps us in a feeling state of disconnection, anxiousness, and fear. Knowing the entire situation is empowering. Bust out a spreadsheet and take action! List all of your accounts and balances. If needed, create a column that includes what you can pay each month on specific debt. If you feel discouraged, sit with it, let it be, and you will notice it will pass. Finally, give gratitude and love on what is currently there. I check my balances and send light into my deposits. When we focus on what we do have (vs. what we don’t), more of that will bless us.
  • Parental Guidance: We recieve how we were taught to receive. We can further understand how the universe is giving to us, by looking at how our parents gave to us. Consider this; did your parents give freely, easily, and teach you to give gratitude for more of what you want? Or did they teach you that money is to be worked hard for, it is restricted, and it doesn’t grow on trees? I know my parents raised me with so much love, and they made sure I always had what I needed. At the same time, I was raised to believe I had to work hard for my money. I have surrendered to that idea, and am re-writing the story with money.
  • Your Wallet: This is another thing you want to love on!! Consider it an altar and a sacred space that holds financial energy. When I need a energetic financial boost, this is the first place I go. I clean it out, organize the bills, get rid of receipts, put a prosperity crystal in it, put the coins in a tip jar, and create a wallet that is clean and organized. This past Christmas, my sweet husband also gave me a new, sparkly gold wallet (pictured right). I LOVE it, and consider a sacred space to let money rest. If I was a hundred dollar bill, I would want to live in my wallet! Would you want to live in yours?

  • Call On Archangel Ariel: If you took a look at my website, or know the person I am, you know I am a firm believer in the angelic realm! I love working with the Archangels on specific situations. For financial resources, I call on Archangel Ariel. She is a powerhouse when it comes to manifesting resources and money, and ensuring we have what we need. Feel funny doing so, or don’t know how? Follow me in the guided meditation below. (If you like this one, you can download it here in the store).

If nothing else, humor me, and try one of the above suggestions. Even if you implement just one, you are bound to feel better! Or maybe you have a fabulous money cure you love, that raises your wealth vibration? I’d love to hear!  Let me know how it goes, you can find me here on Facebook. I wish you a de-cluttered space, and a clean and sparkly wallet! XO