I am a firm believer in fear; when it comes up, I look to it as my GPS to know what to do next. One of my biggest fears growing up was flying. I feared flying so much that I almost missed a college graduation trip to Hawaii my parents gifted me.

In my late 20’s I finally decided to face it. I applied to be a flight attendant, and was successful! Learning about the process, truly helped me to have an easy experience in the sky. After some time, I actually enjoyed it.

With every take off, I grounded the plane, and thanked my angels for being present. I always felt safe, and nothing exciting or “scary” ever really happened, until one day, it did.

I remember that morning, I woke up with a pit in my stomach. There was something that just seemed off. I didn’t want to go to work, and I was hitting resistance even driving there. I thought maybe that feeling would go away. It didn’t.

As a routine policy before the flight, the captain briefed our crew, and let us know that there was going to be bad weather at our destination. That information is not out of the norm for a crew briefing, but when he said it, an overwhelming feeling overcame me. I felt nauseous, and anxious energy swirled around my stomach. My initial reaction was to call out sick. Being an employee of integrity however, I simply wouldn’t do that. I knew there was only one other option of faith; I immediately went to my jump seat and invoked my angel team.

I thanked Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for being with us that day. I carried on a nice little angel conversation in my heart keeping it present, in gratitude, and calm. One of the key things I have learned about angelic communication is breath work. Breath is their language, and deep breathing makes it easiest to communicate with angels. I took a few deep breathes in the little time I had. It wasn’t long before I saw a few little blue sparkles in front of me, and I knew I was heard.

The flight was easy for the most part, and I quite enjoyed the crew. I normally flew up front in first class, however I had picked this trip up and was flying in the back, which was a nice break for me. About 1 hour before landing, we received notification that the weather was going to be bad.  There was a man who was hassling me for a beverage, and a woman needing help with her child, but I knew I had to honor the very strong knowing I had to sit down now. I heard it, felt it, and I saw the slightest of angel sparkle which was enough for me. We finished up our duties, secured the space, and took our seats.

I don’t think I will ever be able to explain what happened from there. The weather was indeed bad; over head bins popped open, and the plane was abruptly drifting from one direction to the other. I remember the loud sound of the metal bins in the galley shifting around. At one point while seated, I did bump into the side of the plane which shook my pretty little up do loose! I remember clearly being there, yet at the same time I don’t really recall much of it, and the hour that we had left in the flight all of a sudden seemed to just disappear. I didn’t hit my head, I didn’t fall asleep, yet the time was lost. Before we knew it we were on the ground, safe and sound.

I remember looking out the window and seeing ambulances and a fire truck. I looked at my fellow teammate and we agreed that didn’t look good. I even took a moment to send some heart love to the plane next to us, as we thought it is was there for them. But it wasn’t. It was there for me.

When all of the guests were off, my teammate and I made our way to the front of the aircraft. It was then we learned the safety vehicles were sent there for our flight. Our teammate that was working at the destination airport, had a message from our plane; it was our flight number, our captain, I saw it with my own eyes. It clearly read the two teammates in the back of the aircraft (it stated our names and employee numbers) were injured and needed medical attention. We all compared stories and just stared at each other in awe and confusion. In that moment, I knew my angels were with me the whole time and created that miracle.

We carried onward, and made our way to the hotel shuttle, everyone a bit confused. I sat on the shuttle returning text messages to the Chief Pilot at headquarters, and a dear friend who happened to work at headquarters as well. The two of them, along with my supervisor, had reached out concerned making sure I was okay, as they had heard of my supposed injury. I am thankful my supervisor at the time understood the person who I was, and I could explain to her the magic and miracle in the story, which she very much took to hear. She simply said to me, “Gina, I am so glad your angels took care of you today, and that you are okay.”

Even though I get it, I still can’t really explain what happened that day. Friends and colleagues have talked about parallel universe experiences, Divine intervention, and other theories. It doesn’t matter to me. What I absolutely know was that my faith (finding angels in the heart) was put to work. It was magical, and miraculous, and I am forever grateful.

If you at any time you want to invoke your angel team while traveling, try this simple invocation (Archangel Michael is a master at protection and Archangel Raphael is known to help with safe travel):

“Thank you Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for being with me today on this day of travel. Archangel Michael, I am grateful your presence is keeping me safe, protected, and surrounded by white sacred light. Archangel Raphael, I give you thanks for ensuring this trip is peaceful, easy, on time, and safe. Thank you for always being with me and ensuring travel that is high vibrating with the most favorable outcome.”

Vision yourself surrounded with a bright light. You can do the same with the plane as well. I also love to make a grounding cord from the plane to the earth. Finally, hold the image that you are vital, happy, and healthy, and consider it done. Allow the love to permeate your heart.

If you have an angel story that you would like to share, a fear that you are wanting to move through, or a invocation you use, I’d love to hear! Feel welcome to respond here, or visit my Facebook page. I send you big love!