Feng Shui is translated to english as wind water. Just as the wind moves the water in life, the same holds true for things in your home moving (or sometimes blocking) energy. If that is too much to think about, it really just means move your stuff, change your thinking, and attract the life you want.

As silly as it may seem, the stuff works! I have used it to enhance my wealth, make shifts to better my health, and it was a big tool in helping me to attract the love in my life I could not even have visioned. (The same love that I am celebrating in marriage 2 weeks from today)!

I get that you may be skeptical, and it may seem out there, but the only way you are going to know if it works is if you give it a go, and play with it!

Following are some tips to ignite romantic and passionate energy in your home, and in your life. Try them out and see what happens!

  1. LOVE. Make it a point to bring love, and only love in your bedroom. Remove everything from your bedroom that doesn’t focus on this; clutter, dirty clothes, spiritual artwork and / or items. This is a place for intimacy and should be treated as such. (If you wouldn’t want to look at it when taking part in romantic activities …. it needs to go in another room)!
  2. PAIRS. Keep items in pairs in your bedroom. I am a big fan of 2 battery operated candles left on, same size. Keep two MATCHING nightstands in your room, to be balanced. One of them should be empty with plenty of space for your love’s belongings.
  3. ART. The artwork should have paired or a romantic imaging. Keep all photos of children and family out of thebedroom. Remove artwork from your bedroom that shows a solitary or lonely scene, and replace it with images that help remind you of “happy couple” energy to make you more receptive to a relationship.
  4. CREATE SPACE. Make space in your closet and hang several empty hangers to show you are ready to share your room with someone special.
  5. COLOR ME LOVE. Use skin tones in the bedroom to promote sensuality and romance. You can also use some fire colors in the bedroom to ignite passion. I like pink to bring in love and romance, and red for fiery passion. Discern what colors mean to you, and bring them in with intention!
  6. BED. Replace furniture with unpleasant associations of any sort, ESPECIALLY the MATTRESS. Check in with your bed size; is it too small or too big? It should fit two people very comfortably, and not so that you drift away at night. Consider new bedding if necessary. Do not use white sheets (if you have them die them). I love a pink comforter for brining in more romance and love. Maybe even just pink sheets!
  7. KEEP IT LIGHT. Remove any heavy electronics or “work related” items from your bedroom. This should be a place solely for love, rest, and romance.
  8. NATURE CALLS. Bring nature into the space. Flowers on the nightstand can bring happiness, and joy to life. Plants (with soft edges) bring more alive energy in!

Give some of these a test drive and see how it feels. I would love to hear about your progress, wins, and see pictures! It has always worked for me!

If you would like inspiration or get ideas, I am happy to share my own path! When I decided to Feng Shui my room when manifesting love, I did the following:

  • Replaced the purple (color of chastity and spirituality to me), with pink (love and passion). I also put things in pairs and brought more fire into my space.
  • I added two candles on the nightstands, “his and hers.”
  • Covered the draining energy out of the window with soft coverings.
  • Emptied a shelf in the closet to symbolize receptivity.
  • Replaced my gray sheets, with skin toned sheets.
  • Re-homed my spiritual artwork and my grandma’s rosary to the living area, and replaced it with the picture of the couple under the umbrella that is shown above. This speaks to me as love, joy, and romance to be celebrated.
  • Removed pictures of friends and family, and replaced them with pictures that reminded me of the new such as sunsets and two blossoming flowers.
  • Brought in two plants, and always kept 2 fresh flowers on my dresser.
  • Added a crystal to the “marriage and relationship” sector of this room, according to the bagua map.
  • Considered the elements in the room, and made sure they felt in balance and in the flow.
  • Found another place to store my laptop and work related items.
  • Went through my clothing and removed what didn’t make me feel good in my clothing!

This was a while ago, a laptop and a few years later. So while I don’t have much to show for it, I do have this one before and after photo of the bed area!

Be creative and have fun! If you need inspiration, reach out! I would love to hear about your progress. You can contact me here or visit my Facebook page! Sending you a ton of creative love and designing energy!