Before life with my current partner, I was a very independent, self-sufficient, “I can get it all done on my own,” “don’t need anyone else,” kind of chick. I was HAPPY and free, yet the various men I dated did leave me longing for a more authentic love. 

When I made the decision to open my heart to a romantic partner, I began invoking my romance angels to assist me in the process. I let them know I was ready to manifest a partner whom I could share life with.

If you are looking to do the same, call on them! The romance archangels are:






Life is so much easier with our angels. I chat to them all the tie, and I do when I am breathing deeply; taking a power walk, meditating, or consciously deep breathing. Angels communicate through breath work, and deep breathing helps messaging to be delivered loud and clear. I simply talk to them like I used to speak to my grandma.

Now around this time, I was finishing up another Feng Shui program. My goal for my final project was to Feng Shui my space to bring in relationship energy, and I was using my bedroom as my pallet. (*You can use the energy in your bedroom to help you bring in more romantic love)! I used the color pink to bring in unconditional love energy, placed some “remedies,” and removed spiritual artwork off of the walls to be replaced with loving artwork, which I didn’t yet have yet.

One afternoon before I set off looking for said artwork, I was celebrating the birthday of a wonderful client turned friend, Nancy. She made mention that she had a single son she would like me to meet, who by the way lived 5 states away with his 2 kiddos.

My initial reaction was “EEK A SETUP!” BUT I trust her and her beautiful sister, Elizabeth, whom was also a cheerleader to this idea. We laughed, joked, and had fun exploring the idea. My interest was peaked, I declined to be discouraged, chalked it off as part of the journey, and promised myself to stay open to all.

After I left, I popped in a local store to shop for artwork for my project. While shopping, I heard a distinct ringing in my ear, and was guided to STOP. I stopped and stared ahead of me and there sat these two letters:

I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew in my heart it was insightful. I contemplated it, and it didn’t mean anything to me at the time. I knew it might one day, so I took this picture and carried on.

I did end up meeting Nancy’s son a month later.  As I sit here writing from the home I now share with him in St. Louis, I look back in awe and gratitude. The letters in the above picture are his initials. I was being called to open my heart, open my mind, and explore all possibilities.

So while I did incorporate Feng Shui, remained optimistic to everything, and declined to be discouraged, one thing most certainly helped on my ever changing relationship journey; speaking to my angels through breath.

I have many stories that are alike, and you can start creating yours today by just talk to the angels. Connect with them while breathing, really feel the sincerity of the conversation in your heart, and then listen for the answers they will so gently put in your path.

I would love to hear your romance angel story, and learn different ways you communicate with your angels below! Remember they are always a breath away!