You have angels all around you! If you are reading this, my guess is you are probably aware of this. If this is a new concept to you however, be open.

I don’t necessarily “pray” to Archangels, I simply talk to them like my best girlfriend.  There are the basic ways to communicate with them; through a letter or card to them, journaling, inviting them into your dreams, simply by speaking to them, and I encourage you to keep all of those things up.

I have been looking for unique and more fun ways to invite them into my life, and here I will share with you 8 of those ways.

1. WRITE A POEM OR SONG FOR THEM. I can not sing a lick! But I love to write even a poem with a silly rhyme. Plus, Angels have a great sense of humor and love to play, so I try to bring some fun to it!

2. USE COLOR. Each Archangel is associated with a different color. You can invoke them with intention in color through the color clothes you wear, candle you burn, wall you paint, and even the food you eat! Don’t forget to let them know what you are doing.

3. WORK ON THEIR CAUSE. The Archnangels are dedicated to helping on different things. Let them know that you want to connect with them, and incorporate their work.  For example, Archangel Ariel works with nature and animals, so you can connect with her while volunteering at an animal shelter, or simply garden!

4. INVITE THEM INTO DIFFERENT PARTS OF YOUR DAY. You don’t have to have a particular time to speak to your angels. You can be cooking, driving and chatting, getting ready, cleaning, or walking the dog.

5. TAKE AN ANGEL WALK OR HIKE. I LOVE doing this especially because they connect best through breath. Almost everyday, I walk my dog and talk to the angels, and they love nature!

6. USE BUBBLES. This is a great way to connect through breath, make magic, and create smiles! Grab some bubbles to play with, and with each breath, send a message to your angels.


7. WRITE AN AFFIRMATION OR LETTER OF THANKS TO THEM, AND THEN GIVE IT AWAY. This is my favorite thing to do on my birthday. I celebrate life by writing little messages, love notes, and affirmations while invoking my angels, and then I give them away throughout the day.

8. INVITE A FRIEND. One of my favorite ways to connect with my Angels is with my dear girlfriend Bridget. Even miles apart, we hop on the phone and have a great group discussion!

Do you have unique ways you like to chat with your angel team? I would love to hear from you, so please feel welcome to share in the discussion here on my Facebook Page!